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Dr Marsha Taylor is an experienced Chartered & Registered Clinical Psychologist based in South Devon. She has over 20 years experience of working as a clinical psychologist within NHS Adult Mental Health Services. She specialises in assessing and treating the emotional, psychological and behavioural impact of exposure to severe stress including unresolved trauma. She has provided supervision and leadership to other clinical psychologists and psychological therapists in the NHS. She has worked tirelessly to promote awareness of dissociative conditions.

Dr Marsha Taylor also adopts a ‘trauma informed’ approach to most common mental health difficulties, not just the obvious such as PTSD. That is, conditions such as anxiety, depression, disordered eating habits, and some unexplained physical health conditions (just to highlight a few) can be understood as originating from exposure to overwhelming distressing events. Getting to the ‘roots’ of these conditions, as well as the ‘branches’, ensures more long lasting change.

Dr Marsha Taylor is passionate about delivering therapies where there is strong empirical evidence supporting their effectiveness. Her practice offers a choice of some of these approaches. She ensures that therapy is suited to an individual’s needs, is well structured, time efficient and thus cost effective. Formal standardised outcome measures are used as part of her routine clinical practice. Emphasis is placed on identifying strengths of an individual and building resources to optimise and equip them with the psychological tools to continue on their journey towards recovery.

Dr Marsha Taylor also offers specialist psychological assessments for the purposes of evaluating and diagnosing adult mental health conditions.  This is generally for the purposes of more formal proceedings such as occupational health, PIP applications or medico-legal matters such as criminal injury compensation claims. This involves the use of ‘gold standard’ psycho-diagnostic assessment tools. A formal psychological report is produced where  opinion and recommendations about appropriate type of treatments  are offered. Such reports can also serve the purpose of assisting your GP with making appropriate referrals for psychological treatments within the NHS.

Dr Marsha Taylor offers clinical supervision to other psychological therapists.

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