Independent Chartered Clinical Psychologist & EMDR Consultant Practitioner.

Specialist Assessment & Psychotherapy for trauma & other stress related mental health conditions. Europe Approved EMDR Consultant Practitioner & Supervisor.

I deliver truly effective, evidence-based psychological approaches, for men and women who are motivated to recover and reclaim their true self.

A Foreword by Dr Taylor

Most people undergo periods of stress, experience adversity and/or exposure to traumatic events. Fortunately, for the majority of people, ‘recovery’ from such stress and adversity will occur naturally and  they will return to their previous levels of emotional, social and psychological well being with relative ease. This is because our minds are designed  to try to heal naturally from stress and traumatic injury, just as our body is designed to try to heal from physical injury.  For most people, stressful events get stored in our memory and the distress associated with them reduces over time. We learn lessons from such experiences and adapt to the challenges posed. We may  change our  values and priorities in  life, as we move forward in a meaningful way.

However, for some people, full recovery from adversity can be more complicated and hence compromised. Recovery can be hindered by a number of factors that are no fault of the individual at all.  Fortunately psychological therapy approaches have demonstrated that they can be effective in  ‘unlocking’ and ‘unblocking’  some of these complicating and hindering factors and thus create the psychological conditions that will facilitate natural healing.

If you are experiencing emotional distress, (or a stress related mental health condition) and wish to actively engage in ‘change orientated therapies’ then the psychological therapies Dr Taylor offers can help you. These therapies are steeped in a history of scientific theory and practice and evaluated according to the highest clinical research standards. They are endorsed by trusted national and international public health boards such as NICE and the World Health Organisation.  Thus ensuring safety and high ethical standards of practice.

You have already taken your first step by conducting an internet search which has led you to my website. The second step in your journey of exploration as to whether or not psychological therapy is appropriate for you, would be to contact me. I offer a  free and objective telephone consultation. You have nothing to loose, on the contrary, you would have proven to yourself that your emotional, social and psychological well being  is important to you.

As an Accredited level EMDR practitioner, I demonstrate my commitment to ensuring I am  delivering the highest standards of best practice of this globally renowned treatment for trauma.

I can offer clinics outside of ‘normal working’ hours to ensure discretion from work place managers if required. Or to avoid any loss of earnings.


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